Bedford Removals offer Storage and Self-Storage in Bedford. Whatever your needs Bedford Removals & Storage will create a bespoke storage solution ensuring that you receive the most cost-effective storage service that meets all of your requirements.

We can offer long or short term storage in Bedfordshire should you require it during the moving process. Our storage is very clean, personal and secure, we can offer a fully insured Removal and Storage service, so you can rest in peace knowing that your belongings are safe until you are ready to receive them*
You may need to store all or some of your belongings mid-move or you may require storage on a long-term basis. We provide our customers with a safe and secure storage solution at a storage facility located in Bedford.
Our storage is fully alarmed and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our storage facility is also under constant digital day/night vision CCTV surveillance for added peace of mind.

Please feel free to get in touch and we can give you a Free Quotation.

How much space will I need?

This is a very common question but the reality is that everybody has differing amounts of belongs to store, even if they are both in the same size properties.

Our Storage unit sizes are bespoke to you and measured in square feet, for example (a room 6 feet by 6 feet is 36 sqft). On average the height of these rooms/units are up to 8ft tall therefore a box measuring 1ft x 1ft x 1ft would fit into the 36 sqft room 288 times stacked 8 high.

Remember everybody has differing amounts in their property: (These we feel are averages)

  • 1 Bed Flat: 35-50 sqft
  • 2 Bed Flat: 50-80 sqft
  • 1 Bed House: 40-60 sqft
  • 2 Bed House: 60-100 sqft
  • 3 Bed House: 100-150 sqft
  • 4 Bed House: 150-250 sqft
  • Estate Car: 20-25 sqft
  • Transit Van: 45-70 sqft
  • Luton Van: 60-80 sqft
  • 7.5t Lorry: 100-175 sqft
  • Removal Lorry: 200-250 sqft
  • 50 Small Removal Boxes (stacked 5 high) : 25 sqft
  • 110 Small Removal Boxes (stacked 5 high): 50 sqft
  • 170 Small Removal Boxes (stacked 5 high): 75 sqft
  • 240 Small Removal Boxes (stacked 5 high): 100 sqft
  • 400 Small Removal Boxes (stacked 5 high): 150 sqft
  • 650 Small Removal Boxes (stacked 5 high): 250 sqft
All the above are just a guide, please satisfy yourself as to how much space you will need.

Bedford Removals Storage Tips:

  • Choose your boxes wisely, always buy quality to prevent boxes from collapsing when stacked on top of each other. Modular boxes that stack together will reduce the amount of storage space as less empty space is wasted.
  • Label your boxes carefully. Remember to write on the side of the boxes with contents, not just the top as you do not want to unstack the boxes just to know what is in each box. Ideally, place a sheet on paper on the side of the box rather than the top so when stacked you can view easily. If you want to be even more organized create box contents lists on your computer with a reference box number, this way you will be able to find items quickly by cross-referencing.
  • When packing it is especially important to pack your boxes correctly. Put heavy items in the bottom and add lighter items in the top. Remember to fill the box completely to avoid any of them collapsing when stacked on top of each other.
  • Your garden equipment could be cleaned before you store it to prevent corrosion. Make sure that all appliances are clean and dry and empty, wedge the doors open to let the air circulate. Make sure that freezers/fridges are completely defrosted. Your garden equipment could be cleaned before you store it to prevent corrosion.
  • Lay down plastic sheeting on the floor of your unit. If you have a large room/unit leave a walkway either down the side or the middle so you can gain access to items if you need to.
  • Place any valuables towards the rear of the room/unit and try to pack it to the ceiling by placing heavier items like drawers and wardrobes on the floor and lighter/fragile items on top. Fill all the spaces/gaps that appear with small items or soft items like bedding. When stacking boxes up high always place heavy boxes at the bottom and lighter/fragile ones on top.
Storage in Bedford


Bedford Removals also work in partnership with Viking Bedford.